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NY Drivers, beware of the Ambrose-Searles Move Over Act
The move over and slow down provisions of the law in effect since Jan 1 2011, updated Jul 21 2016:
• Drivers must use due care when approaching an emergency vehicle that displays flashing red, white, amber, or now flashing blue or green emergency lighting.
• On all roads and highways, drivers must reduce speed.
• On Parkways and other controlled access highways with multiple lanes, drivers must move from the lane immediately adjacent to the emergency vehicle, unless traffic or other hazards exist to prevent doing so safely.
• Violators are subject to a $275 fine and three points on their license.

About Diaz Memorial Ambulance Service, Inc.

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Message from Lisa,                          
                      and Bob Siracusano

Diaz Memorial Ambulance Service, Inc. is the primary EMS provider for the Ulster County areas of Saugerties (Town and Village), Glenerie, Glasco, Mt. Marion, High Woods, Blue Mountain, Centerville, Malden-West Camp, and Saxton-Asbury-Katsbaan. We also cover a portion of the NYS Thruway. We handle approx. 3000 calls each year.
Our staff includes both volunteers and career-oriented providers certified as EMT's and Paramedics. We have three ambulances and utilize a "fly car" that brings a Paramedic to a patient quickly, should transport vehicles and personnel be busy with other calls. We have Zoll X Series monitors equipped with 12 Lead and EtCO2 capability, Zoll Auto-Pulse (automatic CPR devices) and all up-to-date equipment.

Comfortable crew quarters include kitchen facilities, a separate bunk room, a computer and reading room with a computer and high-speed Internet access for laptops.

We contract with Target Solutions to provide 100% online recertification for our part-time & full time employees.

A bit of history: Following the closure of Sawyer Ambulance in 1978, and a memorial donation from Mrs. Mandeville Diaz, a core group of members from Sawyer Ambulance formed Diaz Memorial Ambulance Service, Inc. on August 25th as a Not-for-Profit Corporation. We have grown to accommodate the Emergency Medical needs of those in the Town & Village of Saugerties with Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support services. Diaz Ambulance also does standby duty at fires, provides EMS coverage for special events such as the many festivals held at Cantine Field such as the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, and provides public education. We also provide the little extras such as lifting assistance that only comes from being a caring, dedicated service.

The General Managers since 2001 are:

Lisa Benjamin, AEMT-P, CAC
Jerry Pearlman, AEMT-P

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